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June 29, 2010

Only one week until ONE NIGHT THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING and WATCH ME come out! Eeek!!!!

Collegiate Bookworm made these awesome widgets, and she gave me permission to post them here. Post them on your blog and leave me a comment to be entered to win an iPad and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Luckily I have been keeping my mind occupied from OMGONEWEEKUNTILMYBOOKSCOMEOUT freak out by finishing up my new YA book. I am going to be finished with it today! I only have one and a half more scenes, and then I’m going to give it a comb through and tighten, then send it off to Editor Jen (some people call her The Klonsky.)

Also we’ve been sort of halfway kind of condo hunting. We had our realtor show us a couple, and then on Sunday we went to a few open houses. I know you’re not supposed to buy the first one you see, but how many should you look at before you buy something? And what if you just really like the first one you see? And you miss out! LIke this article I read that said if you don’t put in an offer and someone else snatches up the condo you want, it wasn’t just “not meant to be,” it means that you were slow and lazy. Hmmm…

More later,

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  1. Erica says:

    Yay! So exciting! ONE WEEK!!!!
    Okay, that “Don’t buy the first house you see” crap is just wrong, wrong, wrong! I mean, it’s wrong if you’re just being lazy and say “I don’t want to look at a billion places, let’s just get this one,” but if the first one is what you want, do it. When my husband and I bought our current house, it was the first one we looked at and we made an offer on it because it was in the right place, the right price, and had what we wanted. Yeah, we looked at other places just to make sure, but we were pretty sure we wouldn’t find anything better., and we didn’t. I know some people have to look at three million houses before they can make a decision, but I’m the type of person who will become paralyzed with indecision if I did that. So, um, yeah. That’s my advice on that. 🙂

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