But I *NEVER* Have Plans..

February 5, 2010

So it turns out the Lauren Conrad signing is tonight, not last night as I had previously thought! Unfortunately, I have plans tonight. Also, just so you know, this never happens. That I have plans two nights in a row. Like, I go out and do things a lot (well, sort of) , but it’s never a plan. It’s mostly just like, “Oh, wow, it’s 8:30, we should go for Mexican food!” or “ZOMG, did you see the preview for that movie, let’s go see it right this instant!”

This sounds spontaneous and fun, but really we’re just too lazy to make plans.

So anyway, I won’t be going. Which is sad, but honestly, I probably would have been the oldest person there, and what would I have said to LC? Probably nothing. I would have been too nervous that she’d be judging my outfit. (Although I’ve actually heard she’s really nice in person. But maybe that’s because she silently judges?)

I would have a lot I would have wanted to ask her, though, like how she feels about The Hills being really dumb now that Kristin is the star (probably she likes it) and what she thinks about Heidi getting like five hundred surgeries in two hours (probably she thinks it’s crazy!)

In other news, I just sent a proposal for an adult romance to my agent. And by adult, I mean, not YA or tween. (Nothing too scandalous, content-wise.) It was soo different writing it, since it was in third person (not something I’ve ever done before), and I really had to make sure I didn’t slip into the teen/tween voice, which is something I struggle with. It’s just so natural to me.

What about you guys? Have you ever written something different than what you’re used to? Why did you do it and what did you struggle with?

More later,

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  1. Amanda Morgan says:

    I went to one of her LA Candy signings. We had a deep and serious conversation in which we both said hi. Then she thanked me for coming and I said, “You’re welcome!”

    So basically we’re best friends.

    Also I was not the oldest person there, but I may have seen an eighth grade student of mine….

  2. Amber says:

    You’re writing or you wrote an adult novel??? I usually stick to YA but I have read and love reading adult novels!! Is there anything you can tell about it??? I would love to hear what the story is…that is if you can say anything about it.

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