Events And Why This Cafe Is Weird

May 21, 2009

 1.  I will be at the Teen Author Carnival at The Jefferson Market Branch Library in New York next Thursday, the 28th, from 4 pm to 6 pm. There are some AMAZING authors that are going to be there, like Libba Bray, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Maureen Johnson, Jessica Burkhart, Robyn Schneider, Elizabeth Scott, Cassandra Claire, Micol Ostow…. The full list and info can be found here.

2. The girl next to me in the cafe has a lot of stuff with her, including her own Splenda packets and a big carton of soy milk. I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by this for some reason.  She is very distracting.

Which is not good, since I am attempted to get ACES UP.. AND OTHER PERKS OF A FAKE I.D. revised before I leave for BEA next week. I will NOT be thwarted by you, Soy Girl!

OMG, something else embarrassing just happened!  A lady who worked here was going around with free samples, and then she said, "Ooh, it looks like a school over here!" because there is me, Soy Girl, and another woman with laptops.  And then she went to the other lady, who is a little tiny bit older than us, and said, "We’ll let the teacher try it first!"  Yikes.

3.  Who wants to go to this with me?

4.  If you write for teens or tweens and live in the Boston area, Leah Cypess and I started a new yahoo group!  Actually, she thought of it and started it, so really she just did, but I was there when she came up with the idea, which so doesn’t count, but whatev 🙂  You can join by sending an email to

5.  The American Idol finale last night was SO FUN! Even though Adam didn’t win, it was really funny seeing Bikini Girl come back and get upstaged by Kara.  And the performances kept my attention for the whole two hours.  I’m kind of sad it’s over, BUT there are some good news shows coming up, like Southern Belles:  Louisville and of course Big Brother.

6.  I have to go, there is a creepy guy in a winter coat who I think is trying to read this over my shoulder and then stalk me down…

More later,

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  1. Teri Brown says:

    Loved the AI final. What a talented group this year. And am bummed that so much “good” TV is over. The biggest Loser, AI, Dancing with the Stars. Hey, at least the bachelorette is on. LOL

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