Devon Delaney Should Totally Know Better

January 12, 2009


September 22, 2009

Posted by Lauren @ 2:54 pm  

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  1. Richelle Schoon says:

    I have just started reading this book. It is pretty good so far. I know its a series and I wish I could have read the first book first, but the library that I just started going to only had this book. So yeah, but I want to read all your books. They are so interesting and well written. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    I loved both of the Devon Delaney books they were awesome you rock Lauren oh and i have a suggestion write another Devon Delaney or make a movie of them i would sooooooo see tht movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lilly says:

    OMG that was a fantastic book hope you write more cause i seriously loved it and now im doing a book talk on it so please write more books like this one and some diffrent ones aswell ur awesome =)

  4. Saman Ansari says:

    Hi Lauren!!
    I love both devon delaney books!!
    Please write MORRRREE!!

  5. Jean says:

    Hi i absoloutly love your books i am obsessed with them i can’t stop reading them please make it a series you will become stinking rich and get even more fans if thats even possible i love books and i want to write a book like yours.

  6. Jean says:

    Hi Please email me and ansawer my question if u will turn this into a series

  7. Jas says:

    awesum books!!!!!!!!!

  8. Natalie Candyfloss says:

    Hey Lauren, I’m Natalie and I’m ten. The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney totally rocks! I can’t wait for Devon Delaney Should Totally Know Better. Love the cover! Your book really inspires me to be honest and be your true self. Just a suggestion: you should totally write, like, a whole series of Devon Delaney books. They’re just so popular for girls and are meaningful as well. You’re a wonderful writer and keep striving for perfection! Can’t wait for the next book! Happy Writing!

  9. Natalie Candyfloss says:

    I loved the Secret Identity of Devon Delaney immensely, just like I said in the comment above,and am dying for the second book. I really hope my dad will allow me to buy it! I’m like totally a bookworm and I love reading and writing stories. I’ve started writing since I was P2 and have wrote 12 notebooks of stories already. Lauren plz can you give me some tips for writing? Your books are just so fantastic! I really like the way you pair Lexi and Jared together, and Devi and Luke the other. Kim is soooooo mean in the 1st book! I’ve got a girl at school like that too. I have some really cool clothes like Lexi does, but our school has a uniform, and we definetely CANNOT wear makeup, so that’s just a complete pity.If I’d have situation like Devi did,I’d feel completely torn and lost.What about you, Lauren? Please write more books about Devi,Lauren!I’m just totally in love with them!Hoping for more about you. Plz email me Lauren, thx very much! From your fan, Natalie Candyfloss. Happy Writing!

  10. Natalie Candyfloss says:

    Sorry Lauren it’s me again. Please don’t think I’m long-winded, to you fans of Lauren also! Actually my name is not really Natalie Candyfloss, it’s Natalie Chen (I’m fm hk) but I thought Natalie Candyfloss would sound cool…ha~ ‘Cause I’m like, the president of the main cast english drama club at school and we always have like funny names in the scripts. Do you like acting, Lauren? Sometimes I prefer piano when I’m lonely and want to express my emotions, but mostly acting is my passion. Luv ur books Lauren, please write more~

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